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סמדר אימור


About: Smadar Emor

Born : 16/2/55

Smadar Emor is a dancer, choreographer, vocal artist and a teacher. Smadar is the founder and the manager of Synapsa center for multi-disciplinary voice-movement research.

She has engaged in artistic activities for many years, within the scope of which Smadar has often created for the "Israel Festival", and for various other festivals in Israel and abroad.

Academic Background:

  • 1982: Graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art, Department of Environmental Design.
  • 1987: Graduate of Rubin Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem (Eshkol – Wachman Department of Movement Notation).
  • 2011-2013: Studding in the TelAvivUniversity in the framework of the theater and performance study department, writing her theses "The Musical body-vocal self-voice in movement integration"

In addition to her academic studies she continued advanced studies in various methods relating to the field of movement, dance and voice. She has been particularly influenced by  Feldenkrais method, the Alexander Technique, Contact Improvisation (she worked with American artists such as Lisa Nelson, Steve Paxton, Daniel Lepkoff , Simon forti  and more) and Buto dance (Tadashy, Maya Donsky).

She has practiced Voice-Movement Therapy (with Paul Newham, founder of VMTmethod from the UK), and has worked with Maud Robar (who worked for ten years with the Polish director Izzi Grotowski from Pontedra,  Italy). Smadar has also studied ancient resonance healing songs and rituals from different cultures. Completed a course in Taoist reflexology, and is a Reiki Master.


For two decades Smadar has been practicing and teaching the work she's developed, "Voice In Movement Integration", a work which integrates her wide-spread knowledge of human voice and movement, with her personal research for the authentic sources of life that manifest through organic musicality ("The Musical Body"), and the ways to make the integration between western practices and Academic approach and eastern and African practices based on rituals and spirituality.  The method she developed deals with those themes through large rang of vocal and body expressions.

  • 1990-2000- teaching at the "School of Visual Theater" in Jerusalem.
  • 1990-2002- teaching at the  JerusalemHigh School for the Performing Arts.
  • 2004-2014- founded the SynapsaCenter for multi-disciplinary voice-sound research.

For the past +12 years, Smadar conducts "voice in movement integration" workshops for dancers, singers and actors in various schools for art in Israel and abroad . Smadar also works with actors and dancers on individual projects.

Teaching  in Israel in Germany as well as in other European countries.

Artistic background:

In her artistic works she cooperated in many projects with artists such as Avi Ashraf, Baruch Braner, Michal Govrin, Amos hatz, Impulse company, Raly Margalit, Rony Porat,  Stiv Horanshtain, Hadas Ofrat, and more,,,,,

  • 1988- " From a far"    dance work on MountZion, presented at the Israel Festival. (won the first prize in a sit-specific competition,  A movie about this work was filmed  by the Israeli Television.)
  • 1988- "Back and forth": Jerusalem Theatre
  • 1989- “The Bridge": a work for the Israel Festival                                                          .
  • 1989- “Insomnia": a work for the Israel Festival.  won the third prize of the competition of site specific performances.
  • 1989-“Work in Progress": Acco Festival                                                                                 .
  • 1990-“Behind the Fence":  A joint creation with Hadas Ofrat, the work was Invited to the Music and Theatre Biennale in Munich.
  • 1990- “The Twilight Zone": SuzanneDellalCenter, Tel – Aviv, Jerusalem theater ' and ather places.
  • 1990-“Childish Tango ": Two by Two, Suzanne Dellal Center
  • 1991- “A Journey of Heavy Birds” Section A, room dances, Suzanne Dellal
  • 1993-“A Journey of the Heavy Birds” three sections, SuzanneDellalCenter
  • 1994- "Journey of Birds ……" Israel Festival Chicago
  • 1995 “Gog and Magog": Laboratory project, directed by Michal Govrin Lab – Israel Festival
  • 1995- “Unpaved streets ": Room dances festival.
  • 1997- “A.D. Second Try": work for " moza" dance company.
  • 1977-“Separation”: room dances festival.
  • 1998-2002- “Until the Angel Came": The Interdisciplinary Arena – Jerusalem
  • "Tmuna" – Tel Aviv, Suzanne Dellal Center Tel – Aviv, Germany – various cities
  • 2002-“Until the Angel Came": International Exposure – Suzanne Dellal Center .
  • 2005-“Memories from Another Life ": working with the group “Mamaliga", with scholarship funding by “The Laboratory", the new Center for the Performing Arts
  • 2009- "home port" conducting a project with "impulse" group
  • 2010-2012 "secret of unification" work for "ensemble synapse" in the Laboratory Theatre –Jerusalem. "Gerar Bachar" Theater-Jerusalem. Suzan Dalal theater-Tel Aviv.


Watch "Secret of Unification" on youtube:

Watch some of Smadar's works on youtube:

Directing work for "Impulse" company:

 See part of "secret of unification" in youtub:

look at same of the works  :

For contact:

Telephone: +972-2-5333475, +972-54-5726729


Video Gallery: Works by Smadar Emor






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