About Synapsa Center

There's a place where movement, sound, dance and song return to being one organic entity.

In the Synapses Center we offer a fascinating curriculum enabling students a unique encounter with our creative staff– artists of a variety of personal paths and deep explorations in the fields of movement and sound, both as artistic languages as well as therapeutic methods for human cognitive and developmental processes.

Synapses school– "the mysteries of human movement and voice" was founded by Smadar Emor in the year 2004. The school, unique in its kind, offers a fascinating compilation of movement and voice work. In the heart of its curriculum lays the system "voice in movement"- a method developed by Smadar Imor in her twenty year exploration as an artist and teacher of voice and movement improvisation.

The work method of "voice in movement" recreates the ancient connection between body and voice, a connection which releases primal resources of creative energy and enables deep and hidden layers within us to receive full expression. When the organic connection between movement and sound is cleared- memories, images, natural rhythms, primal impulses and the body's ancient stories find their way towards expression in the world- through song and dance emerging at that very moment. The school's curriculum combines a variety of classes and workshops, which allow students an encounter with different spectrums of sound and movement improvisation: contact improvisation classes, touch and movement therapy, Butô, a study of voice and language, singing improvisation, folk songs from different traditions and more.

All of the school's teachers are artists/therapists which throughout many years developed their own personal path through the languages of movement and voice, both as artistic languages and as therapeutic tools for mental and human development.

The school's curriculum is intended for anyone who desires to take part in an experiential and explorative study, which combines spontaneity, joy, creativity and mental work. During the study period the students acquire skills which enable them to develop themselves both as artists, teachers and therapists of the "Voice In Movement- the healing voice" system. Prior experience is not needed, but there must be a strong will and commitment to the process. The school allows a diverse curriculum, from a long study-day once a week, and up to a three-day-a week curriculum. We also offer artist's workshops and weekly classes in Tel-Aviv.

The school rests in the heart of the forests surrounding Jerusalem, in the Kibbutz of Kyriat Anavim (about 40 minutes drive from Tel-Aviv). Its unique location- in the hilly countryside away from city centers, allows a deep connection to silence and to space, and awakens inspiration for learning and creativity

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