Voice in movement integration

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Healing the source of life

( general description and specific working goals)

A seminar with a developmental and therapeutic emphasis.

For therapists of different methods and professionals in the fields of

vocal art and body ways learning (Yoga, Feldenkrais, Alexander technique, Tai Chi, etc.)

Note: at the end of the seminar the participants will receive specific drills in the method in order to continue training in their daily lives.

'Voice In Movement integration' is a process which reconstructs the organic connection linking breathing, movement and voice. This renewed basic connection enables the release and flow of natural healing forces, creative energy, vitality, and spontaneity and by that it also recovers the organic connection between body and soul. This is an archaic language, an ancient one, a prehistoric one and yet always relevant, a language reconnecting us with our personal subconscious roots as well as our collective sources, and with our vitality and joy that emerge when connecting to these deep roots ,.During the process we go through something like an "evolution", a redevelopment which recovers our connection with different consciousness levels and different modes of expression which were accessible for us during the pre-linguistic era- as animals and children. This development creates many changes in the body-psyche patterns, our relationship with ourselves and with the world and with our capabilities of operating in the world from a standpoint of creativity and steadfast presence.

Through the return to the natural rhythms, we experience both the arelease of voice which is carried by the physical musicality. Though releasing our voices we enable us to open up, sing, to bring forth the variety of voices within us, the variety of characters, from the blocked emotional experiences, to archaic memories, to the direct and total connection with the wonderful worlds which lie within us and come out as rhythm beats, sounds and melodies created in each present moment.

Working goals:

  • Vitality, spontaneity, creativity, flow, openness to change, ability to improvise.
  • Getting to know the relationship of the earth's support with the body's bone-frame and the occurring natural wave of movement through the spine.
  • Development of a living and breathing central artery which enables action from a living impulse (development of body center, from which I act and to which I come back).
  • Exercising mental and physical relaxation in order to develop physical, emotional and spiritual intuition.
  • Development of the body's natural musicality
  • Deepening the capacity to listen to internal rhythms
  • Deepening the capacity for dialogue between the internal rhythms (I) and the external rhythms (the world).
  • Expanding the ranges of movement and voice (expanding the possibilities for emotional expression using the body and the voice)
  • Exercising multi-presence- a presence in many levels at once (my presence in the world)
  • Coordination and attention- distribution between four centers: mental, emotional, motor, instinctive (harmonic development)
  • Balance between active and passive, between non doing and doing, between the emergence of will and the action itself.
  • Exercising attending and listening to the inner silence and to the emergence of action from silence
  • Exercising the ability to contain contradictions and rapid changes
  • A combination of spontaneity and observational awareness able to discern and choose
  • Exercising the ability to manage a lively dialogue with a partner and with a group
  • Exercising the ability to express one's self in the world without fears and inhibitions ("what will people say?")
  • Acquisition of skills which will develop our unique artistic expression in the movement and voice languages

Voice In Movement System acquires skills for creative personal development, for artistic development and for training teachers and assistants in this method. The work draws its understanding and inspiration from many different sources, amongst them Feldenkreis, Alexander, Mood Rover's work with archaic echoing chants, the work of the director Jerzy Grotowski and from the personal, many year study in the field of therapeutic singing in different cultures.

אינטגרציית קול בתנועה

חזרה למוזיקליות אורגנית

מאמר של סמדר אימור מתוך החוברת "מחול עכשיו" אתחיל בנימה אישית המנסה להתחקות אחר אותה קריאה פנימית, אינטואיטיבית, אשר הובילה אותי אל הדרך בה התפתחה

קול בתנועה – ארכיאולוגיה של גוף-נפש

"קול בתנועה הוא תהליך אשר משקם את הקשר האורגני הראשוני בין הגוף והקול ומחזיר את הפעמה המוסיקלית הטבעית של הגוף, הפעמה אשר עליה זורמת החיוניות היצירתית הראשונית ביותר. כאשר חוזרות המערכות לפעימת זרימתן הטבעית, מתאפשר לנפש ביטוי של עולמה המסתורי, הבלתי מילולי, דרך שפת התנועה והקול".

עצמי אותנטי ומוסיקליות

"עצמי אותנטי" כחוויית הבעה גופנית "לעיתים מזומנות מחווה של התינוק נותנת ביטוי לדחף ספונטני. מקור המחווה הוא העצמי האמיתי, והמחווה מעידה על קיום עצמי אמיתי

גל התנועה – חזרה לתנועה הטבעית

"גל התנועה" הינו אחד המושגים היסודיים בתהליך הריפוי בקול / טיפול בקול ובתנועה בשיטת "אינטגרציית קול בתנועה". אנו מתרגלים ומעירים מחדש את זרימת גל התנועה לאורך עמוד